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Track & Field

(Note: Only the tracksters, who placed in the top three in any events during the TAPPS State Meet are listed. 
Gold medal winners are considered 1st-team All-State, silver medal winners are considered 
 2nd-team All-State, bronze medal winners are 3rd-team Honorable Mention)
Year 1st Place (1st Team) 2nd Place (2nd Team) 3rd Place (Honorable Mention)
Harold Davis (110H/300H)
Linda Sellers (Discus/Shot Put)
Brandy Otto (Discus)
Charles Thomas (100M)
Adrian Johnson (Triple Jump)
Charles Thomas (400R)
Jason Thomas (400R)
John Williams (400R)
La Antio Wine (400R)
John Williams (200M)
Renny Harvard (400R)
Adrian Johnson (400R)
Carlos Stennett (400R) 
John Williams (200M/400R) 
Renny Harvard (100M/200M)
Adrian Johnson (LJ/1600R)
Jesus Rosales (1600R) 
Carlos Stennett (1600R)
John Williams (1600R) 
Adrian Johnson (Triple Jump)
Derrick Parker (300H)
Jesus Rosales (800M)  
Carlos Stennett (100M)
John Barlow (1600R)
Derrick Parker (1600R)
Jesus Rosales (800M/1600M/1600R)
Carlos Stennett (400M/1600R)
John Barlow (400R)
James Hendrix (400R)
Derrick Parker (400R)
Carlos Stennett (400R)
Chris Craven (1600R)
James Hendrix (400R)
Derrick Parker (300H/400R/1600R)
Brandon Reese (400R)
Jesus Rosales (800M/1600R)
Carlos Stennett (400M/400R/1600R)
Reginald Green (High Jump)
Adrian Johnson (Long Jump)
Adrian Johnson (Triple Jump)
Charles Scott (High Jump) 
1998 Carlos Stennett (200M/400M) Reginald Green (HJ/LJ) Virginia Monsivais (Discus)
Brandon Reese (Shot Put)
Charles Scott (High Jump)
Reginald Green (High Jump)
Brandon Reese (100M)
Brandon Reese (200M/Shot Put)
Ronald Briscoe (400R)
Reginald Green (TJ/400R)
Brandon Reese (400R)
Jeremy Stockdale (400R)
2003   Johnny Evans (800M)  
Wesley Diaz (400R)
Johnny Evans (400R)
James Osborne (400R)
Damon Williams (400R)
Wesley Diaz (400M)
Lurendran Hubbard (800M)
Bill Jacobs (Shot Put)
Wesley Diaz (LJ/TJ/400R)
Lurendran Hubbard (HJ/400R)
Justin Perez (400R)
Phillip Conn (400R)
Phillip Conn (400R)
Wesley Diaz (LJ/100M/200M/1600R)
Kevin Hudson (400R/1600R)
Cruz Lane (400R/1600R)
Justin Perez (400R/1600R)
Wesley Diaz (Triple Jump)
Kevin Hudson (High Jump)
Justin Perez (Long Jump)
Michelle Giterman (400M)
Kayla Hardaway (300H)
Kevin Hudson (200M)
Delvin Furlough (400M) Delvin Furlough (800M)
Delvin Furlough (Triple Jump)
Delasha Singleton (Discus)
Austin Hill (Long Jump)
Jay Hill (400M/800M)
Jonathan Ford (400R)
Darrion Gabriel (400R)
Marcus Gentry (400R)
Kyle Winter (110H/400R)
Jonathan Ford (TJ/1600R)
Darrion Gabriel (1600R)
Ernesto Garcia (1600R)
Jay Hill (HJ/LJ/1600R)
Austin Hill (Long Jump)
Kyle Winter (110H)
Jonathan Ford (Triple Jump)
Austin Hill (110H)
Christian Davila (1600R)
Jonathan Ford (400M/1600R)
Ernesto Garcia (800M/1600R)
Austin Hill (300H/1600R)
Jasilyn Williams (200M)
  Saria Webb (100M)
Jonathan Ford (Triple Jump)
Saria Webb (200M)
2013   Saria Webb (100M)  
2014   Caitlin Kight (Discus)  
Alvin Anthony (400R)
Gareth Ashton (400R)
Jian Bergeron (400R)
Zachary Richardson (TJ/400R)
Jadan Anderson (800R)
Alvin Anthony (400R/800R)
Gareth Ashton (400R/800R)
Jian Bergeron (400R/800R)
Zachary Richardson (400R)
Jadan Anderson (800R)
Gareth Ashton (100M/800R)
Stone Leiker (800R)
Michael Singleton, Jr. (800R)
Jadan Anderson (400M)
Jaida Scott (100M)
Michael Singleton, Jr. (400M)
 Jaida Scott (200M/400R)
Ashley Harlicker (1600M)
Nicola Stein (400R)
Rosalia Fraychineaud (400R)
Sunita Schmidjorg (400R)
Jadan Anderson (400R)
Preston Garrett (400R)
Nathaniel White (400R)
Michael Singleton, Jr. (400R)