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Tryout Guidelines


Tryout Guidelines




Tryout Period

Tryouts will be 2 days, at beginning of season.

Tryout Procedures

Each player will be required to check in on first day so each coach can create a list of prospective players prior to start of tryouts.  This helps to insure that evaluation can take place in a fair and conductive environment.
  • Evaluation of players will include:
  • Skill Level (sport specific)
  • Understanding of the Game/Match
  • Ability to Compete
  • Ability to Perform at the level trying out for
  • Attitude
Prospective players are required to attend both tryout days to be considered.  If a school event/sport within TSD prevents a player from attending one or all tryouts, then the tryout period will extend to another day.  This will be the last date that a tryout is provided at any level.  Outside school events will NOT be considered valid reason for missing tryout(s), and therefore, an extension will not be provided. Medical/Sick absences will adhere to same rules above as if missing a tryout for a school event and a valid written note will need to be presented in such instances.  If a long-term injury or illness occurs, preventing a player from trying out during such period, the Athletic Director will have the right to make a determination of that player’s participation on his/her team.
Prospective players will be evaluated by at least 2 members of the TSD coaching staff within the TSD sport-specific program.  All coaches are used in evaluations regardless of the level of try out (i.e. Varsity head coach can evaluate different level tryouts and vice versa).  The coaching staff will be given an evaluation form for all players attending tryouts.  This form will be on file with Athletics office.  Players will be evaluated by the position and skills they show for which they may play on the team.  NOTE: If a coach is a parent or a relative of a child trying out for his/her team, s/he will NOT evaluate that team. Another member will do the evaluation and shall be appointed by the Athletic Director.
At the end of tryout period, the committee will make the final decision(s) as to who will make the team, based on evaluation form.  Each coach will send the list to Elem./MS or HS Athletic Director.  Each coach will then meet with those players individually who do not make the team, giving the player the opportunity to talk with the coach and learn what they can do to improve their future chances.  (Note: when MS final roster has been announced, there will be no changes on the roster thereafter.)


  • For Volleyball ONLY, if we have at least 16 players trying out, we will have a White team
  • For Basketball ONLY, if we have at least 14 players trying out, we will have a White team
  • If we have 2 teams (Blue & White), highly-skilled players with highest scores will be placed on Blue team and the others will be on White team. *number of players on each team will depend on skills demonstrated during try-out period.

Tryout Expectations:

  • All players are expected to have a completed/signed pre-participation booklet and physical clearance on file.  If they are not on file, then the player, under no circumstances, will be able to step on the court and, therefore, will be unable to try-out.  Players without such forms will not be given the opportunity to make up a tryout or even extend the period of tryouts.  A player may begin tryouts WITHIN the tryout period once such forms are turned in.
  • It is expected that the coaching staff will provide a fair, adequate, and timely evaluation to all players interested in trying out for the athletic program at TSD.  This includes evaluation from both the head coach and other coaches.
  • For NEW students ONLY, if there’s less than half left in the season, there will be no tryouts and no additions as well.  If there’s more than half left in the season, we will have ONE-DAY tryout only and can add them to the roster.