Booster Club

The TSD Athletic Booster Club is an organization dedicated to the support of the Student-Athletic programs at the Texas School for the Deaf.
The club has five important goals:  
  1. The development of athletics at TSD. 
  2. Coordinate various fund raising activities.
  3. Sponsor an annual Sports Awards Ceremony.
  4. Purchase sports-related equipment.
  5. Sponsor various local and national tournaments hosted by TSD.  These efforts will help promote Deaf awareness, TSD’s visibility locally and nationally, and the involvement of the Deaf community, other individuals, and groups in the school. 
Athletics are one means of catching the public’s eye on a consistent basis. The key, though, to the success of this or any other program is the amount of support that it receives. Strong support for TSD Athletics from the Booster Club can play a very important role in determining how far TSD Athletics will progress.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Our email address is [email protected].
Thanks for your support and Go Rangers! 
TSD Athletic Booster Club Officers