SOTX Athlete Forms


Hello Parents and Student-Athletes,

We need your help in completing and submitting the Athlete Medical Form for Special Olympics. If your child will participate in Special Olympics during the school year, you must complete and submit the athlete medical form. Please note: all physicals submitted must be completed on the Special Olympics Texas Athlete Medical Form. This form is good for 3 years.

Please note that the Student Health Center does not provide physicals and you will need to see your primary doctor. If your child has a doctor, it is important for your child to visit his/her own doctor for the physical, because the doctor knows your child and their medical history. This is especially important if your child has any prior medical conditions or is under a doctor’s care for any medical condition.

If your child is not sure about participating, please go ahead and fill everything out now to avoid confusion later.

All forms must be completed before participating in tryouts, practices, or contests. All forms must be submitted and returned to the Athletic Trainer prior to participation in Special Olympics, ideally return by August 1st to the TSD Athletics Department to ensure that we have received your child(s) paperwork before the first practice of the season. Please submit the SOTX Medical Form to Robert Cadotte.

If you have any questions regarding the required information, please contact Robert Cadotte at [email protected].

SOTX medical form attached below.