Toby Daniels


In Toby fifth year as an Athletic Specialist for the elementary and middle school athletics, as well as with the Special Olympics program at TSD, Toby takes pride in being a part of the Ranger family at TSD.


Toby athletic journey in running commenced during their youth. He joined the USA Deaf Track & Field (USADTF) team as a long-distance runner, participating in the 1500m and 500m events at the 1989 Deaflympics in New Zealand. Toby played a significant role in family track & field games, Berg/Seeger Classics, and the 2000 USADTF trials as a meet director. In 2017, he served as the USADTF Long Distance coach, guiding the USA Deaf Track & Field team in the Deaflympics held in Samsun, Turkey, where he competed against numerous elite runners. In June 2019, Toby represented the USADTF as a coach, accompanying two elite athletes in the Deaf Athletics Championship in Tokyo, Japan.


Beyond athletics, Toby finds joy in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, fishing, playing disc golf, smoking BBQ meats, engaging in house projects, and tending to plants. They proudly share the role of a father with two children, Dakota (28) and Adele (26), and two cats (Mooki & Gem).