Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

TAPPS District Swim Meet

Swimmers, Volunteers, Parents, Coaches, 

Thank you all once again for participating today in the TAPPS District Swim Meet at the Texas School for the Deaf. I couldn’t find a better group, a better team of teams than you all to ensure a successful swim meet, from swimmers, to coaches, parents, and to volunteers!!!

Attached are the results and team scores. If we do still have your ribbons and plaque(s), we will be sure that they get to you by mail.

And we’ll see you all again at the TAPPS Regional Meet! (Be sure to remind your swimmers that there’ll be the potential for DQ’s, no jewelry, etc etc). Do want your swimmers to reach their potential at the Regional and State meets. They’re very strict on running the official TAPPS swim meets.

Have a great weekend!!!
Nick Bannon
TSD Swim Coach