Texas School for the Deaf Athletics


On Thursday, September 20, the TSD HS Cross-Country Team brought 19 runners, 9
girls and 10 boys to run in the Salado HS Invitational Cross-Country Meet at Tenroc
Ranch in Salado, TX. Tenroc Ranch is an old Texas countryside ranch, nestled
between Austin and Waco, with scenic, rolling pathways of grass, dirt road, and a
couple hundred yards of paved road, all passing through fields, crops of trees, a river
and a pond, just enough to make the grueling run a bit more pleasant.
Four girls participated in the Girls Varsity 5A-6A 5k race, while the remaining 5 girls
ran in the JV Girls 1A-6A 2-mile race.
Girls Varsity 5A-6A 5K
Jaida Scott (Sr) led the 5K female runners from TSD CC with a season best time of
24:36. Jaida also medaled, coming in 15 th place overall. Kaitlyn Sucilla-Orozco (So.)
ran in her first CC meet achieving a time of 25:30, which is just 30 seconds off of her
end-of-season CC meet from 2017. Kaitlyn is doubling as a volleyball player and a
cross-country runner. Jordan Leach (Jr.) also ran a season best of 28:11, her 4 th
consecutive season PR. Asia Cruz (Fr.) attempted her first 5K, coming in with a
time of 40:26.

Jaida Scott, 12 – 24:36 (Season Record)
Kaitlyn Sucilla-Orozco, 10 – 25:30 (SR)
Jordan Leach, 11 – 28:11 (SR)
Asia Cruz, 9 – 40.26 (PR)

Girls JV 1A-6A 2-miler
We nearly had a full team of runners as we certainly missed the 1-2 runners who
weren’t able to make it. Those who ran the 2-miler, beginning with Freshman
Patricia Sucilla-Orozco in her first HS CC Meet (she also plays volleyball, guess it’s
a family thing as her sister, Kaitlyn, also runs CC) lead the TSD runners with a a time
of 17:35. Sophomore Kylie Jackson, PR’d with a time of 22:44. Carmelita Yalcin,
another Freshman runner, also PR’d with a time of 23:44. Sarah Sellers, also a
Freshman, ran hard, coming in with a time of 24:14. This was her first HS CC Meet as
well. Senior Jessica Davalos, PR’d with a 24:45 time.
Patricia Sucilla-Orozco, 9 – 17:35 (PR)
Kylie Jackson, 10 – 22:44 (PR)
Carmelita Yalcin, 9 – 23:44 (PR)
Sarah Sellers, 9 – 24:14 (PR)
Jessica Davalos, 12 – 24:45 (PR)

For the TSD CC Boys, 10 participated in the JV 1A-4A 5K, which is our highest
number of boys that have run in a race in TSD Cross-Country ever. Each runner ran
a Personal Best or a Season Best 5K, with some improving by minutes from their
previous 5K time.
Here are their results:
Zaccarria Stein, 10, led all boys, with a 5 minute, 28-second improvement with a
personal best time of 20:22, which was good enough for 6 th place overall, winning
his first ever HS CC medal. Following close by was veteran TSD HS CC runner,
Naeem Muhammed Ali, Junior, in his first CC race of the season, took 10 th overall,
with a season best time of 21:05. Coming in 3 rd among the TSD runners was veteran
3 rd year runner, Brody Vukmonich, achieving a season best of 24:11. New to the
team this year is Hawkins Morgan, Freshman, improved his time by over 2 minutes
from his previous 5K and by over 5 minutes from his initial 5K, crossed the finish
line in 24:48, his 3 rd straight PR. Another Freshman, showing great promise is Josue
Flores as he improved by nearly 6 minutes, earning a personal best time of 27:33.
Another newcomer to TSD CC is Abdul Rahim, Freshman, participating in his first
CC meet ever, came in with a time of 34:32, smiling as he crossed the finish line with
a great sense of achievement. And for the first time this season, we had four runners
breaking the 40-minute mark: Gage Hopper, Freshman (37:54), Kristjan Varela,
Sophomore (38:01), Luis Rivera, Junior (38:09), and Willie Hanna, Junior (39:33).

Zaccarria Stein, 10 – 20:22 (PR)
Naeem Muhammed Ali, 11 – 21:05 (SR)
Brody Vukmonich, 11 – 24:11 (SR)
Hawkins Morgan, 9 – 24:48 (PR)
Josue Flores, 9 – 27:33 (PR)
Abdul Rahim, 9 – 34:32 (PR)
Gage Hopper, 9 – 37:54 (PR)
Kristjan Varela, 10 – 38:01 (PR)
Luis Rivera, 11 – 38:09 (PR)
Willie Hanna, 11 – 39:33 (PR)

Next cross-country meet will be this Saturday, September 29 at Old Settler’s Park in
Round Rock, TX hosted by McNeil HS: The McNeil Cross-Country Invitational.
- Coach Bannon