Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

SOTX Swimming

On September 16th of 2018, there was a Special Olympics swim meet at Nitro Swimming Pool in Bee Cave area.  Six Texas School for the Deaf swim Rangers participated in this activity.  Their positive attitude and best efforts contributed to improved times in each event after just a few weeks of practice!  These swim Rangers that I wanted to declare with their places are named below:

Hatton, Michael:  1st 25 meter Flotation Race, 1st 15 meter Flotation Race, 2nd 10 M Flotation Race

 Hoyt, Shannon:  2nd 25 meter Freestyle, 4th 50 meter Breaststroke

 Lugo, Jackie: 1st 25 meter Backstroke, 5th 25 meter Freestyle

 Matias, Brianna: 1st 100 meter Freestyle, 1st 50 meter Butterfly, 1st 100 meter Individual Medley

 Repress, Amber:  2nd  50 meter Freestyle, 3rd 50 meter Backstroke, 3rd  50 meter Breaststroke

 Richard, Nduwimana: 1st 50 meter Freestyle, 2nd 50 meter Butterfly,  3rd 50 meter Breaststroke

I wanted to mention how I am so proud of all you swim Rangers!  And, congratulations on your all behalf to best accomplishments in this swim meet!  Also, I wanted to say, “Thank you each so much” for participating and helping out to Catherine “Catie” McDonald, Chris Hamilton, Caroline Terrant, Sharon Schira-Layton, TSD Lifeguards, swim Rangers’ DRE, and parents!  Hope to see you all next year!

 - Coach Otis Kellam