Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

NDIAA - Volleyball

Final Volleyball selections
National Champions:
Division I: Texas
Division II: WPSD
Division I:  Karita Lewis, Maryland
Division II: Kayla Mitchell, Minnesota
COY (Coach of the Year):
Division I: RJ Kaufman, Texas
Division II: Christie Homell, Western Pennsylvania
Final Soccer selections
National Champions:
Raymond Mukhailov, Lexington
Ahmed, Mahmoud, Rochester
Mary Cook, Rochester
Final Football selections
National Champions - Louisiana
POY - Raul Melgar, Kansas
COY - Susan Gremillion, Louisiana
National Champions – Maryland
POY – Jax Pedersen, Fremont
COY – Warren Keller, Fremont
The committee would like to thank the Athletic Directors and coaches for their utmost commitment to their athletes’ development, character and talent. The responses to the nomination forms this year has been overwhelming. We also have to recognize everyone as a winner on and off the field.
Congratulations on the accomplishments!
NDIAA Committee,
Len Gonzales, Chairperson, Fremont
Matthew Eby, Wisconsin
Andy Bonheyo, Maryland
Mary Cook, Rochester
Chris Hamilton, Texas
Billy Lange, Kentucky
Holly Reichle, Mississippi