Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

Ultra-Marathoner, James Yevich, talks to TSD CC Runners

He spoke of the wonderful memories he had and about running as a shared experience with other teammates, who, together, celebrated their accomplishments, how they would run in the unbearable DC heat, rain, ice, and cold, and even how winning a 3rd-place team trophy was the greatest thing! Most importantly, Yevich said, was the cherished moments he had with his teammates, experiencing the pain, joys, tiredness, and rewards that all came with running.

And that is why he still runs today. Yevich also shared his passion for ultra-distance running, specifically talking about his run from Dallas to Austin. He appreciated all the support he had on his 200-mile journey, especially from his family, his wife, children, and friends. This is the same type of support we need from our teammates to get through the hardest of runs. Yevich shared his story which were complimented with photos from his HS running days, including his current ultra-marathon runs. Peyton Yevich, current Texas MS runner, and James’ son, also spoke of some of the things he learned from his father like the three R’s of running: RUN SMART, RUN HAPPY, and RUN STRONG!!!

The presentation concluded with Texas’ runners asking Yevich questions about running nutrition, race recovery, what he thinks about when he runs, his 5K race strategy, warming up and cooling down. He was also asked what he did after he would run a race. Yevich responded, “ I look for the biggest and best tasting Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich I can find!!!” Coincidently, this is exactly what Gabriel Veit, HS runner, ordered after a recent race last week, a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich!!!

A Special Thanks to James Yevich for making the trip from Fort Worth to talk to our Texas Runners!!!!

Coach Bannon