Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

NDIAA '15-'16 Winter Sports Selections

Boys Basketball

Div I

National Champions: Maryland

Player of the Year: Noah Valencia -Riverside

Coach of the Year: Chris Hamilton – Texas

Div II

National Champions: Minnesota

Player of the Year: Agron Deski - Fanwood

Coach of the Year: Lee Jones – Minnesota

Girls Basketball

Div 1

National Champions:  Maryland School for the Deaf

Player of the Year:  Adele Daniels - Maryland

Coach of the Year:  Brian Sipek - Texas

Div 2

National Champions: Rochester School for the Deaf

Player of the Year:  Brianna DiGiovanni – Rochester

Coach of the Year:  Bill Estes - Ohio


National Champions: Texas School for the Deaf

Wrestler of the Year: Andrew Todd - Indiana

Coach of the Year: Mike Estrada, California - Fremont

Congratulations on the accomplishments!

NDIAA Committee:

Len Gonzales, Chairperson, Fremont

Matthew Eby, Wisconsin

Andy Bonheyo, Maryland

Mary Cook, Rochester

Chris Hamilton, Texas

Billy Lange, Kentucky

David Olson, Minnesota

Holly Reichle, Mississippi