Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

TSD Rangers vs Sacred Heart - Recap - Oct. 24

During the 10th week of the season, the Texas School for the Deaf Rangers played Sacred Heart Indians at their home. In the first quarter, Sacred Heart put 8 points on the board to TSD's 0. During the second quarter, Sacred Heart put another 6 points on the board, and the Rangers were able to put 8 points of their own, with the scoreboard displaying 15 - 8 with 11 seconds to halftime. Unfortunately, the Indians were able to score another touchdown before halftime, putting Sacred Heart at 21 and TSD at 8.

The Rangers didn't give up and came back stronger, limiting Sacred Heart to 6 points in both 3rd and 4th quarters, respectively, ending the game with a 33 - 8 score. Junior Austin Sliva-Wynne made his first debut as starting quarterback, throwing 34 times and completing 12 for 219 yards. Senior Iosif Shayman caught 5 for 96 yards, Juniors Dalton Taylor brought in 4 for 59 yards and Alvin Anthony reined in 2 for 53 yards. The TSD Rangers had a total of 11 first downs in this game, made even more remarkable with a new quarterback and a new offense scheme.

The Rangers (3-5) will host St. Gerard Catholic Royals (3-5) this Friday at 5 pm for our Homecoming. This will be TSD’s fifth district game. TSD has 1 win and 3 losses in Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) Division III, District 3, while St. Gerard Catholic is currently 2-2. TSD is currently ranked sixth in the district line up, behind St. Gerard Catholic at third.

Come bring the Ranger Spirit this Saturday, November 1st at 5 pm at Texas School for the Deaf!

John Moore Jr.
High School Football Head Coach
Texas School for the Deaf