Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

High School Sports Awards Ceremony

Boys Basketball
Boys Track

Ranger Pride Jack Burleson
Most Dedicated Player Justin Akers
Most Versatile Athlete Zachary Richardson

Iron Man Jacob Vasquez
Most Improved Player Z. Richardson
Most Improved Athlete
Patrick Henderson

Most Improved Player Stone Leiker
Coaches' Award Dylan Sicoli
Most Dedicated Athlete Justin Akers

JV Football
JV Boys Basketball
Most Dedicated Athlete Shane Carrizales

Most Valuable Player T. Nouthavykoun
Most Dedicated Player Connor Rosko
Girls Track

Coaches' Award Dylan Sicoli
Coaches' Award Jesse Martinez
Most OutstandingAthlete
Saria Webb

Girls Basketball
Most Outstanding Athlete
Caitlin Kight

Most Valuable Player Kylene Etkie
Most Valuable Player
Kylene Etkie
Most Improved Trackster Taylor Mitchell

Most Outstanding Player Emma Crawford
Most Improved Player Deltona Markel

Most Improved Player Amanda Wolf
Coaches' Award Emma Crawford
Most Valuable Player Erin Lambert

Coaches' Award Amelia Hamilton
JV Girls Basketball
Most Outstanding Player Mia Upchurch

JV Volleyball
Coaches' Award Iris Alaniz
Most Improved Player Rebecca Giuntoli

Most Improved Player Rebecca Giuntoli
JV Softball

Coaches' Award Mia Upchurch
All Around Cheerleader Amanda Wolf
Most Improved Player Julissa Parada

Most Improved Cheerleader Eun-Young Doucet
Coaches' Award Nova Schenk

All Around Cheerleader Daniella Reyna
Most Dedicated Cheerleader Daniella Reyna

Most Improved Cheerleader Mayme Shnaekel
Coach's Award
David Hernandez

Most Dedicated Cheerleader Edgar Quinonez
Most Valuable Swimmer
Brianna Matias
Most Improved Player
Gregorio Mata

Cross Country
Most Improved Swimmer
Mayme Shnaekel
Most Dedicated Player
Diara Johnson

Most Valuable Runner
Brianna Matias
Coaches' Award

Coaches' Award
Ashlynn Forward
Most Valuable Swimmer
Cameron Mock
Most Dedicated Golfer Paul Soechting

Coaches' Award
Kimberly O'Dell
Most Improved Swimmer
Robert Bartlett

Most Valuable Runner
Robert Bartlett
Coaches' Award
Gabriel Veit


Most Dedicated Wrestler Nicholas Barron

Most Improved Wrestler Dylan Rodgers

Special Awards

Manager of the Year (female): Caitlin Kight

Manager of the Year (male): Trevor Johnson/CJ Upchurch

Sportsmanship Award (female): No Mi

Sportsmanship Award (male): Carlos Word

Ranger Pride Award (female): Alondra Morales

Ranger Pride Award (male): Jesse Martinez

Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year (female): Iris Alaniz

Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year (male): Jacob Vasquez

Rookie of the Year (female): Mia Upchurch

Rookie of the Year (male): Andrew Ramirez

Athlete of the Year (female): Kylene Etkie

Athlete of the Year (male): Cameron Mock

Scholar-Athlete of the Year (female): Emma Crawford

Scholar-Athlete of the Year (male): Jacob Vasquez