Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

Cheer Team captured 2nd place in Clerc. It was TSD cheer's best finish ever!

On January 18, 2014, our team of  cheerleaders took on one of the most daunting tasks of our cheerleading season.  We prepared for hours...days...NO...weeks!!! doing choreography, stunts, jumps, cheers and chants. One football season, many practices, two weekend mini-bootcamps, several basketball games and one tournament later, our time had come.  Clerc Classic, one of the most important cheerleading tournaments of our entire season was finally here.  Not many people realize how much mental, emotional and physical work it takes to prepare for a mere 9 minutes out of our whole year, that we have only ONE opportunity to shine.  Our cheerleaders didn't sweat though - they sparkled.  They deserved to place - in our eyes.  And they did.  Our Ranger Cheerleaders placed 2nd out of 6 fabulous teams that competed.  It was definitely an intense but proud moment.  Regardless of any mistakes they made during their performances, they still gave it their all.  They won the votes from the three judges, and they earned it.  Not only that, Daniella Reyna - SR and Viviana Santos - JR, were chosen as All-Star cheerleaders among other team cheerleaders.  We were the only team that had two cheerleaders chosen for All Star.  We couldn't have done this without Caitlin Kight - SR, who is our manger/drummer, who invested so much time with us to prepare. Coach Jenie Kuehne and I couldn't be more prouder.  We have set the bar higher than ever - and next year - we are "going for gold."  ~ Kudos to my Ranger Cheerleaders.  You are the best team I have worked with, in my 3 years of coaching at Texas School for the Deaf.