Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

TSD Rangers hire Jon Furman as New Varsity Baseball Head Coach

My name is Jon Furman and I am from Long Island, NY. I am Deaf and grew up mainstreamed, playing football and baseball all four years in high school. In addition, I played four years of college baseball as a catcher for Suffolk County Community College and Rochester Institute of Technology. When I was finished with college, I continued to play in various men's baseball leagues. I've played with players who were 18 years old up to 60 years old. From there, I had learned so much from everyone because these were people from all walks of life, who showed up to play baseball because they loved the game as much as I do. My biggest wish is to pass on what I have learned from them, to my players and assistant coaches alike. I have taught and coached baseball at Atlanta Area School for the Deaf and Marie Philip School at The Learning Center for the Deaf. I have also coached in various Men's baseball leagues in three different states as well. 
My favorite quote from one of the wisest coaches (he coached for 30 years when I joined his team!) is to "Always be a STUDENT to the Game." This quote applies not only to baseball, but to life in general. We are continuous learners and the only way to get ahead in life, is to keep learning your mistakes and get better each and every day, week, month and/or year. 
I look forward to working with you.