Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

TSD Athletic Trainer - Robert Cadotte

March is National Athletic Training Month. As the designated time of recognition for our ATs comes to a close, learn more about our TSD Athletic Trainer. TSD would like to extend a special thanks to our athletic trainer Robert Cadotte. 

Robert Cadotte (1st season)

Q: How long have you been an Athletic Trainer (AT)? How long at TSD?

RC: I have been an Athletic Trainer for 4 years (3 years a student, 1 year a professional). This is my first year at TSD.
Q: Why are you an AT? What do you enjoy about your job? 

RC: I am an AT because it is a profession that mixes sports, health, and wellbeing all of which I enjoy learning more about. The fact that every day is different and exciting is something that I really enjoy about my job.

Q: What is a common misconception of the AT job that you wish more people understood?

RC: We are in fact Healthcare Professionals. Often times Athletic Trainers and Personal Trainers are mistaken for each other. Even though Athletic Trainers know the basics of personal fitness, we primarily focus on athletic injury prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation.

Q: Any fun AT-related facts about yourself?

RC: I have worked events outside of normal school sports including city marathons and rodeos.

Q: How are you staying busy right now with no sports?

RC: Workwise, I have been preparing for next so that we may return as smooth as possible. Personally, catching up with friends, cooking, and exercising when and how I can.

Q:  #1 tip for people right now?

RC: Using common sense by avoiding large gatherings and listening to healthcare officials is key in knowing what to do during this time.

Q: Coolest AT moment at TSD?

RC: Helping students recover from injuries midseason and go on play successfully in games and even into playoffs has been a cool and rewarding experience.