Texas School for the Deaf Athletics

Clerc Classic XX - Boys Basketball

Entering the tournament, there was speculation that Texas Boys Basketball lost several seniors from last year and that we would not be competitive this year. Clerc Committee originally ranked our team as 5th seed but moved us up to fourth, which did not make a huge difference. So, we felt disrespected entering into Clerc Classic at Indianapolis, IN.

Facing Indiana in the first round, we lost to Indiana nine years in a row since 2011. Jared Beckler, their star, kept Indiana in the game single handedly as he made several long threes behind NBA three point line. We changed how we wanted to defend him in the second half. Texas Boys dominated in the second half and won 52-42.

Entering the semifinals, I knew facing a loaded MSSD team would be difficult, but our boys were definitely up to the task. Unfortunately, we couldn't find our offense in the first half. Model jumped to a quick 10-0 lead. Our boys never gave up and kept on battling. We found ourselves trailing by only two with 1 minute to go. Our comeback was too late and we lost 36-29.

Historically, we never played well in the third place because we were usually lacking in focus and energy. This did not happen against Fremont as it was an ugly low scoring game, but our energy and focus were there the whole 32 minutes. We took a quick 5-0 lead, and dominated Fremont defensively. Fremont averaged 53 points per game, and their lowest points this year was 39 points. Against us, Fremont scored only 21 points!

Joshua Saaty and Jack Scarboro were named to Clerc All-Tournament. Our record currently stands at 16-6, and our next focus is to win our district! We are in the second place, but we truly believe we can win our district. It means we cannot lose one more game down the road.

- Coach Andy Donatich